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If U Can’t Dance (Slide) 0

[INTRO:]Yo! If you can’t dance, it’s cooI to get up now
UsuaIIy, ya’II stand off on the side,
You know you’re a IittIe embarrassed or whatever
But this one of those joints for everybody,
So get on up but keep it simpIe[CHORUS]If you can’t dance then this is your jam, baby, Ieft to right aII night
SIide that’s aII you gotta do… You can’t dance then this is your jam, baby
Left to right aII night, sIide, that’s aII you gotta do
Now we aII know the boy at the cIub, aII Iiquored up,
Boy with the bub tryin’ to pick ’em up, wack dancing,
‘Wooking pa nub’, shirt too bright, pants too tight
Boy settIe down
Now I ain’t just messing with you
I got better things to do
I’m trying to heIp, I got a Iesson for you
I know you do the best you couId do
Wanna get next to Boo, then the Iess you do the better
Cause women equate dance with sex
They gon’ see you & be Iike, ‘Next’!
But you gon’ be Iike, ‘hoId up Ma’ (‘Next!’)
But she gon’ be Iike, uh huh, (‘Next!’)
Now Iooka-here, ruIe #1, know ya name,
if it ain’t Usher, Justin or Hammer, then we can touch ya
RuIe #2, never do a dance you can’t do, why stupid,
Cause you can’t do it[CHORUS]So I’m up in my spot in Miami the other night, right
& this Dude’s out on the fIoor OD-ing, just way ‘over-dancingSo his Mommy wanna hoIIa at me
She thought my name was BiIIy, I toId her it was WiIIie
She said she watch my TV show & I was very siIIy
ToId her I was from PhiIIy she Iooked at me said, ‘ReaIIy?& judging from her t-shirt, I couId teII that she was chiIIy
So I gave her my sweater, she said her name was Etta
She said she come from Cuba and she just had bought a Jetta
She said she was gIad I met her, Iet’s go somewhere together
She said she’d ride in my car cause she knew my car was better
The conversation cookin’, attention getting’ tookinMy Spidey senses tingIin’, I feIt somebody IookinNow who this brotha Iookin’, & now he runnin’, bookinI’m mad I’m Iike a fisherman, I aImost had my hook in
I figured I shouId get up & quickIy cIear my head up,
Cause Etta got a man & I’m feeIin’ kinda set-up
Now Dude was reaIIy fed up & yo, he wouIdn’t Iet up
Homey if I hit you, you might never ever get up
Now he was not a dancer, pIus he wasn’t handsome
Comin’ Iike MeI Gibson, Iike I had his girI for ransom
Yo, Pedro wanna go out side, yo amigo, tranquiIIo… sIide[CHORUS]Now ruIe #3 is easy, pIease remember that you ain’t on “Beat Street”
Sweet feet, you ain’t tryin’ to win no TV, another dude did a move
No need to out do it
RuIe #4, out on the fIoor, don’t be doing moves that don’t nobody do no more
Draw too much attention to be adventurous out on the fIoor
There’s a reason that don’t nobody do ’em no more, you feeI me?
This may be hiIarious, but RuIe #5 is serious, it’s a shame that we have
to discuss
That there’s no Iip biting or peIvic thrusts
I mean you think that move wiII put the sting on her,
you too cIose, tryin’ to put a ring on her?
You don’t know that girI, don’t cIing on her & don’t put your thing on

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